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Dirty Three with Eleanor Jawurlngali

Saturday 29 June 2024

Dirty Three with Eleanor Jawurlngali

New expanses to create. New music to share. The legendary trio Dirty Three are coming to The Green Room, Byron.

An instrumental rock band based in Melbourne, Australia, the trio paints notes like stars in the sky. Comprised of members Warren Ellis (The Bad Seeds), Mick Turner, and Jim White, the group formed in 1992 and has since released nine albums. Their sound combines elements of alternative rock, post-rock, and other genres to create music that is atmospheric and deeply emotive.

Taking their influence from a diverse array of sources, from traditional folk music to obscure jazz, their music often features little more than acoustic guitar, drums, violin, piano, and the occasional resonant voice. Despite their instrumental music, the trio’s compositions are filled with soul and emotion, stirring a wide range of raw feelings and emotions to the fore.

While their peers were doing grunge, they were facing each other onstage, making rock without the ego. Jazz without the histrionics. Folk without the troubadours. Improvising rumbling, wide-open instrumentals that pull you in like oil-painted landscapes.

They don’t get together very often these days. But to see them perform is to witness three men shoulder-deep in the task. The meandering beauty. The mammoth swirl. The Dirty Three.

Food Trucks and a full bar will be serving out deliciousness on the night from doors open.

This is an 18+ only event.

"It’s impossible to find a flaw with the performance, though its x factor is something collectively felt. A kind of accruing, song by fiery song, of irrefutable proof as to how truly great this band is." - Sydney Opera House review -The Guardian

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